Canada West & Alaska

Travel Map Canada West is drawn to a scale of 1:4 million and shows the entire region of Western Canada and Alaska, complete with a comprehensive index
· Ideal for route planning, and on-the-road-exploring
· Innovative extra = incredible value, and unique in the market. All Insight Travel Maps come with a free app, with additional area highlights and top travel tips – unlike comparable competitors’ products
· High production values – folded paper road maps, full colour, strong spine
· Features detailed street plans of major cities – Vancouver and Anchorage
· Outlines Top Attractions and places of interest, including national parks, nature reserves and heritage sites
· Handy distance indicators, located in the margin, give distances to the nearest town and major locations
· Shows roads, rail networks and ferry routes
· Pictorial symbols allow for instant, easy recognition
· Detailed topography, through the use of relief shading, with mountain ranges named, and peak heights given
· Legend shown in eight languages